Sh. Al-‘Uthaymīn says:

“….There is not a connection between Allāh and His creation except by way of at-Taqwah (Piety and God consciousness).

So whoever was to Allāh, the most pious, he is the closest to Allāh and he is with Allāh the noblest

Therefore, do not brag and boast with your wealth, your beauty, bodies, children, nor with your castles and cars, not with anything from this Dunyā, ever!

Rather if Allāh grants you at-Taqwah, then this is from the virtues of Allāh upon you.

Therefore Praise Allāh for having it, and know that the actions are by the intentions, and the hearts is that which is the pivotal matter…”
[Sharh Riyādis-Sālihīn – p.39. Dār ibn al-Jawzī print – Cairo]