Muhammad Aman al-Jaami says: [sh_margin margin=”33″ ][/sh_margin] “…The questioner asks, aiming his question to the scholars of the Muslims, towards them alone. He’s says: O noble scholars, if there is an increase in trials and tribulations , there are increases… Continue Reading →

The reasons which lead to the appearance of bid’ah

Shaykh Sālih al-Fawzān – May Allāh preserve him said: [sh_margin margin=”65″ ][/sh_margin] “… the reasons which lead to the appearance and emergence of bid’ah (innovations) in the Religion are summarised in the following affairs:

What I and my companions are upon

Allāmah Nāsirudīn al-Albānī said: [sh_margin margin=”41″ ][/sh_margin] [sh_margin margin=”51″ ][/sh_margin] “…And they are also aware of the saying of the Prophet ﷺ: ‘…The Jews split up into seventy one sects, the Christians split up into seventy two sects, and this… Continue Reading →

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