Muhammad Aman al-Jaami says:

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“…The questioner asks, aiming his question to the scholars of the Muslims, towards them alone. He’s says: O noble scholars, if there is an increase in trials and tribulations , there are increases in stray (false) paths, and increases in doubts, then how is the path to salvation? This is the topic of the question.

What is the way to salvation from it during modern times where there are few الأعوان 0.54, where doubts have increased, so he is seeking guidance and pointers in days like these and in the taking over of these doubts and tribulations.

The answer: (unclear speech 1.25) even though the times are modern times, so don’t you(can’t make out 1.33), or recover if the tribulations are increased, so the door to these tribulations has increase and Allahs aid is sought!

Like the murder of Umar( may Allah be pleased with him) then one trial and tribulation followed another. And the prophet صلي الله عليه و سلم said: that there would not be a year except that the year after it will be worse. If you were to consider this narration, then trials were to surround you, don’t be amazed. These trials must happen to prove his saying صلي الله عليه و سلم. This being the case, you must know, because no matter how much time that passes, the never ceases to be a saved sect, a victorious sect, they never cease to be on the Earth. They defend the truth, they seek the truth, aid the truth, they aren’t harmed by those who try to bring them down, nor those who oppose them. Two issues that it’s necessary to consider all the time, especially in the later days where the party of evil become many, callers to falsehood, and people of truth become few. However, times will pass for the Muslims and the victorious sect will increase to oppose what happens in this evil world. Increase here and decrease there and another time in between and like that. The victorious sect don’t come from one place. They’re from different tribes spread around the world. If you wanted to be saved from these trials like you have asked, then the door to salvation from these tribulations is knowledge. Knowledge. Another issue is that you’ll not be able to differentiate between the callers to truth and the callers to falsehood except with knowledge. And if knowledge leaves you then the truth will leave you and Allahs refuge is sought. And whoever the truth leaves will be lost. For this reason you must increase in supplication that the truth isn’t turned away from you. And for this reason, the time we are now in, and the time which proceeded was better for many of the people. Many of the youth are unable to differentiate between truth and falsehood, nor between callers to the truth and callers to falsehood. Therefore, salvation is knowledge! Busying oneself with knowledge and men becoming scholars. Scholars with correct understanding, scholars who are rabbaniyoon, they are those who teach the beginner students the beginner types of knowledge and they slowly increase them until they understand their religion. Scholars that advise. It’s upon you to obligate yourself with them and to strive to proceed with that which you’re able from this Great Book and pondering over it. And to study the sunnah and obligate yourself with the scholars of sunnah and to be upon knowledge at all times with the same characteristics as those because this will save you from that which you and many others are complaining about from tribulations and doubts. Doubts are many and they are, as I previously mentioned to you, there is no salvation from them except with beneficial knowledge. Knowledge of the Book and the Sunnah. And with Allah is the success. And that which will benefit you will be busying oneself with worship and leaving alone politics. I call your attention and I reiterate this advise to that which will come at the end of the question that islamic propagation, rather Islam itself is nowhere to be seen today. Islam being out of sight has blinded the people to the point where in existence is programs called conference for Islamic Christians. And other conferences calling for the coming together